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Allan Campion is a Melbourne based food and drinks writer, culinary guide and consultant. He has co-authored over 40 cookbooks and seasonal guides.

My lifelong passion for food began when I first stepped into a restaurant kitchen as a trainee chef in 1979.

Since then my four-decade long career has taken me from cooking in Australia and Europe, to food writing, working as a restaurant reviewer and consultant, through to operating a food store and appearing on TV.

I am the co-author of 40 cookbooks including In The Kitchen and The Foodies’ Guide, The Seasonal Produce Diary, Food with Friends and Chilli Jam. as well as books on barbecuing and cooking with the seasons.

In 2004, I founded MFE to work with the top Melbourne chefs, restaurants and venues to offer the very best tours and corporate events.

Today my goal is to share the knowledge I have learned over four decades with a global community of food lovers who are interested in what they cook, eat and drink. This can be via my newsletter for the very best food news, recipes and expert advice on cooking, eating and drinking well.

I also use technology to engage internationally for food and travel writing, hospitality consulting, mentoring, private cooking classes and speaking engagements.  


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