Best places for coffee in Melbourne

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Best places for coffee in Melbourne

There’s no denying that Melbourne is the city that runs on coffee. We’ve established ourselves as the one of the best coffee cities in the world, with something to suit everyones taste. We’ve put together our top 5 places to drink coffee:

Dukes Coffee
Having established themselves as one of the best roasters in Melbourne, it’s no surprise that Dukes finds themselves on this list. Expect to see a line snaking down Flinders Lane as office workers queue for their take aways. Inside, the baristas work calmly to produce their range of espresso and filter coffee. The perfect spot to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the CBD!

Located just off Degraves St, Tulip in an unassuming outlet that are serious about their coffee. With their distinctive pink takeaway cups, this will soon become your go-to spot to grab a takeaway on your way to work.

Market Lane
Originally opening in Prahran Market in 2009, and now with 6 stores across the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Market Lane has become known for their delicious coffee. Pop into their Collins Street store for a taste, and don’t forget to grab something sweet for the road!

It’s hard to imagine Melbourne without the institution that is Brunetti’s. Serving coffees, cake and Italian food since 1985, they’ve established themselves as the place to grab a long black and an amaretti. Their new store on Flinders Lane seats 300 and is also looking to expand into late night dining soon.

City Wine Store
The City Wine Store has always been a great place to grab a bottle of wine to take away, or sit and enjoy a bite to eat at the wine bar, but do you know they also make a great coffee? We recommend enjoying it with their buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil on toast for breakfast.