1000 True Fans – how to build a successful restaurant business

Imagine if there was a way to cultivate a small number of customers, and with them, provide enough income to make your business succeed? Today I’m looking at the concept of 1000 True Fans, an idea first proposed by Kevin Kelly in 2008. The gist of 1000 True Fans is that if you can cultivate […]

MFE Food News by Allan Campion – Edition 2

Hi food lovers, it’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for the next MFE Food News. In this edition I share my life-long love of bread, which shows absolutely no sign of stopping any time soon. I pose the question of zero alcohol as a trend in the world of drinks. And ask for your […]

MFE Food News by Allan Campion – Edition 1

The world we knew has changed in 2020. Changed in ways few of us could have imagined. But some things remain the same. And one of them is food.  Yes, we still need to eat! This newsletter gives me opportunities to share my weekly recommendations from the world of food, wine, cooking, writing and travel. […]

Hospitality 2020 – Challenges + Opportunities

Restaurants and hospitality businesses have been on a roller coaster ride in 2020. They have been trying to keep their heads above water, staff on board and get some turnover to pay the bills. Now they are now facing new challenges as they begin to reopen. One of the main challenges I see ahead are […]

Farmers’ Markets and produce markets

Queen Victoria Market and Farmer’s Markets remain OPEN for you to access fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, deli items, dairy, bread, eggs and other specialty foods. Support our markets and, at the same time, support Victoria’s growers and producers. Open this weekend

Allan Campion – Cooking together 001

Join chef and food writer Allan Campion from Melbourne Food Experiences as he brings you the stories, news, recipes, conversations and interviews with the experts who make Melbourne is the best food-lover’s city in Australia. The video is online here at YouTube. Recipes are included in the attachment below for a beautiful salad, dijon dressing […]