Clear your to-do list (while working from home!)

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Clear your to-do list (while working from home!)

Working from home can mean you are away from the social interruptions of a modern office environment. So what better way to use your time than on your never-ending to-do list!

One of our EA clients decided to do just that and one of the tasks was to organise a 50 person end of year Christmas lunch. In just 48 hours we were able to secure a beautiful venue with all of the inclusions they required of a multi course menu and a four hour drinks package.

Plus we were able to add on Christmas decorations for the tables plus a cocktail on arrival. We have created a real dining experience for them now, not just a function. And they locked in current pricing!

The MFE office team are currently providing full quoting and enquiry service to all of our customers by telephone and email. All of our hospitality partners are also open for business too and available to lock in key dates for our customers.

What makes us good at what we do is we draw on four decades of hospitality experience and have an unrivalled network of award-winning chefs, restaurants, cocktail bars and specialty venues across Melbourne. These include Annam, Arc One Gallery, Cumulus Inc, Juliet Melbourne, Mjolner, Pastuso, Pure South Dining, Supernormal, Boilermaker House and Union Electric.

We know all too well the challenges of looking for an event later in the year, when key dates are taken in the top venues and companies are left with poor options. This is not a situation you want to find yourself in. If you are the one tasked with organising the companies end of year corporate event, then what better time than now!

Think how it will feel to have an amazing event in place for your team, totally sorted and stress free. Let’s have a conversation around what the team love to do, and we will take this to the next level by personalising a unique food experience for 2020.

We invite you to connect directly with us on 1800 801 838 or by using the contact us page at Melbourne Food Experiences.

The Melbourne Food Experiences team