Whisky and Workmates

Whisky Tasting

Pack your curious minds and palettes and get set for this whisky tasting from around the world.

A corporate team whisky event for those who love great drinks, learn the history behind some world-famous blends & distilling techniques.

Favourite Whiskies of Scotland

A selection of the finest whiskies from the best whisky-producing regions of Scotland. These whiskies will be served on ice or with water.

Criagellachie 13yo - From the distillery that produced the infamous Craigellachie 31yo, ‘The World’s Best Whisky’, this whisky is unusual for the ‘struck match’ character, unique to the antique stills used by the distillers.

Lagavulin 16yo - Bruichladdich ‘Port Charlotte’ Islay Peat, selected for it’s delicious and well integrated peat flavours, produced by a maverick distiller, Jim Mcewan.

Aberfeldy 12yo - The Golden Dram. A classic but underrated whisky. Truly delicious.

Cragganmore - Ticking all the boxes. Fruit, wood, smoke and grain. A good example of what the Speyside distillers are capable of, and a favourite of bartenders.

Johnnie Walker - It’s one of the biggest brands in the world for a reason… It’s bloody good.

Dewars 15yo - The Dewars’ Company, under the leadership of the famous Tommy Dewar produces one of the best blended Scottish whiskies in the world,

COST - $125pp – Minimum 20 guests.
Whiskies of the World

There is no better way to experience the amazing selection of whisky than to travel the world and taste the very best (without leaving Melbourne).

Japan - Suntory ‘Hibiki’. Delicate and nuanced, Japanese whisky as a category has exploded in the last few years. Experience the delicate notes from the ageing of the whisky in unique Japanese White Oak.

Scotland – Aberfeldy - Good peat character defines this whisky, but the grain and the wood integrate nicely to bring the drinker a rich and satisfying whisky lovers’ whisky.

Ireland - Kenahan’s Irish - A group of whiskey passionate entrepreneurs came together to revive a once lost icon of Irish Whiskey. A very special tasting as this product isn't even available in Australia at the moment.

Australia – Starward -Taking the world by storm and it started in a shed at Essendon Airport. Or Sullivan’s Cove - the best whisky in the world in 2014/2015.

America - Michter’s American - It’s not a bourbon, but it’s close. This is one of our favourites and is soft and sweet but still has enough balanced oak and toast to make it ‘properly adult’.

Beer accompaniments - This selection will be accompanied by two top Melbourne craft beers.

COST - $165pp – Minimum 20 guests.


COST - $125pp – $165pp. Minimum 20 guests.

This event runs for approximately 90 minutes.


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