Corporate entertainment is an essential part of modern business and the ideal way to engage with your clients, staff and key stakeholders.

Figures from REaD Group (UK) reports businesses can expect a fivefold return on the spend of their corporate events and team building activities. Alongside the financial benefit it’s a great way to forge business links, enhance morale and reinforce brand values.

The MFE team, led by food expert Allan Campion, create unique, personalised in-house experiences that hit the mark every time.

We draw on 40+ years of hospitality expertise to:

  • Utilise our connections with award-winning chefs, restaurants and food experts to customise your special event
  • Manage presenters from among Melbourne’s most celebrated food writers, sommeliers and industry experts
  • Take away the stress of event planning with tailored menus, matched drinks and outstanding cocktails
  • Create unique team building activities to enhance morale and reinforce brand values
  • Package all costs into one competitive event price and ensure that all budgets are met
  • Deal with the protocols around the service of alcohol and logistics for building security, entertainment and decorating
  • Be at your event to provide oversight and personal service for your guests


If this is the level of experience you would like to create we invite you to connect with us for a consultation.

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We look forward to utilising our Melbourne hospitality connections to create a premium tailored corporate event especially for you.

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