Mentoring is often recommended to young people as they step into their careers and progress through their first few years of work. 

However there are other times in a career when having a trusted mentor to talk with is extremely beneficial. A mentor can see opportunities and set a path to new opportunities and career development. Mentoring also brings accountability, structure and clarity to those who participate. 

The mentor program consists of:

  • An initial call to gain insight into the mentees needs and aspirations, as well as answering questions in regards to the mentoring program.
  • From this discussion Allan will then only take on clients he believes he can truly assist and offer real value to.
  • The program begins with a personalised survey of 20+ questions designed to gain insight into specific career and personal goals.
  • The mentor program is typically one hour monthly meetings, from which a written follow up will be provided to document the discussion and the mentees goals for the month ahead.
  • Plus weekly telephone check ins.
  • Participants will be recommended to commit a minimum of 3 months to gain real progress.

Mentoring will be really successful when mentees are ready to dig deep and be open to the process. A mentee must take on self-responsibility to work each month on their development process. Self-responsibility to make the most of this opportunity.  

The mentor program is $250 per month. As mentioned above it is recommended to commit to an initial 3 months program in order to gain real progress. Digital technology provides all the tools we need to connect globally.

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Allan Campion’s  life-long passion for food began when he first stepped into a restaurant kitchen as a trainee chef in 1979. He knew instantly he had found his job for life.

Over 4 decades he has worked as a chef in Australia, Ireland, England and Turkey has cooked on ships travelling throughout Asia and the Pacific. His career has taken him from cooking to food writing, working as a restaurant reviewer, and as a consultant through to operating a food store and appearing on TV.

Over the decades he has cultivated a network of business and hospitality experts across a range of sectors. Allan draws on this network for advice and assistance for his mentoring program, which means participants will gain invaluable insights and guidance.

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