In Conversation with David Mackintosh

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In Conversation with David Mackintosh

If you have eaten at IDES, Rosa’s Canteen, SPQR Pizza, Pope Joan or Lee Ho Fook then you have eaten at a David Mackintosh restaurant. This version of In Conversation brings David to the MFE podcast and provides insight from arriving in Australia in 1994, sojourns to London and Sydney, then finally settling in Melbourne and co-creating the uber famous MoVida restaurants.

The Melbourne Food Experiences podcasts bring you the stories, news and interviews with the experts who make Melbourne is the best food-lover’s city in Australia.

This conversation hosted by Cam Smith (Eat It 3RRR) is candid, insightful and fun as David describes his amazing journey through collaboration with talented hospitality experts to create successful, unique Melbourne restaurants. Settle in for a masterclass with a true hospitality expert.

Watch the video online at YouTube here – In Conversation with David Mackintosh.

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Rosa’s Canteen

SPQR Pizza 

Pope Joan 

Lee Ho Fook