Melbourne's Best Hospitality shines through

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Melbourne's Best Hospitality shines through

When I was making this video a few days ago little did I know how quickly events would unfold and change globally. This video was intended to be a showcase of the tours and dinners we had just wrapped up for our guests. And it still is that.

But it also demonstrates how talented, welcoming, hospitable, fun and truly amazing the Melbourne Food Scene is. Here you’ll see Tom from Bar Saracen with his awesome bbq chicken, Union Electric serving up Lola cocktails on their rooftop bar, Boilermaker House with brilliant whisky highballs and grazing platters.

Lunch at Cumulus Inc, recording a new podcast with Cam Smith and Alejandro Saravia (Pastuso). Plus fresh produce at Queen Victoria Market, the Supernormal team pulling out all the stops with a sake tasting in their private dining room.

Afternoon coffee and cake at Frankies’ Top Shop. Amazing food at Mrs Singh as well as our beautiful artisan producers Beechworth Honey and Ganache Chocolate who were part of our customer evening at the Club of United Business.

Well, all of these businesses (and others) are open today across Melbourne and would appreciate any support you can send their way.

We can help with group dining packages (under 100 of course!), a special dinner for two or buy a voucher to share with someone who loves dining experiences. Order take home food from these restaurants or visit them tonight for some of the best food in Australia. Come and enjoy rooftop cocktails as we enjoy a burst of beautiful weather.

I’ve been a part of this food city for over 40 years, as a chef, an author and in tours and events. I have seen it develop and grow into the best in the country. I am totally focused on supporting our fellow Melbourne hospitality businesses now. We are 100% open for business!

Check out our video on YouTube.

Reach out at any time by calling us on 1800 801 838, or via our contact page on the Melbourne Food Experiences website.

With appreciation – Allan Campion