Chef Annie Smithers

Chef Annie Smithers has had a long career within the Melbourne/regional Victorian food scene. I have always admired her determination to grow and serve food aligned with the seasons, share her knowledge and be open about the challenges (and joys) of having a career in hospitality.

One way to be introduced to Annie’s work is through the Kitchen Rudimental radio program on ABC Radio. Here she shares what she knows about cooking, covering topics from bread and pastry to growing produce, seasonal cooking, braising and so much more.

Annie’s cookbook  (Annie’s Farmhouse Kitchen) is available on her website. (If you love cooking with the seasons and have access to sun-ripened cherry tomatoes, Annie also has an excellent recipe online for tomato spaghettini.

And of course there is her country restaurant in the beautiful town of Trentham. The restaurant is called Du Fermier and celebrates seasonal cooking, uses produce Annie grows herself and brings to life the ideals of a French country kitchen. 

Du Fermier is online here at Annies website.