The Melbourne Supremacy

Forget Sydney and Perth – Melbourne remains the cream of the Aussie food crop, Caroline Eden (Escape Travel – Metro, London)

“A tremor of anticipation ripples through the mid- morning air. Shuffling forward, we squeeze tighter into the crowd, careful not to tread on expensive trainers. We’re not in line for a gig or a sales bonanza. This is a hungry huddle for Sunday brunch.

I am at the newly opened Higher Ground in Melbourne, where the serious, younger foodie crowd fuel up. The wait time – usually an hour – is politely dismissed by my dining companion, Allan Campion, who is considered foodie royalty in Melbourne. Guiltily, we jump ahead.

We’re greeted by a huge room full of light and fresh-faced twentysomethings chattering and photographing their plates of minced lamb fry-ups and spiced cauliflower. ‘Instagram, the  final garnish,’ Campion quips.”

Caroline Edens full (amazing) article is online at Metro Travel, London.