Rooftop Bar

This is a rooftop location I’ve spent ample time on and would happily down tools virtually any time to have a drink here. It’s perched on the rooftop of Curtin House, which is slap bang in the middle of Swanston Street (Melbourne’s main thoroughfare). Being situated seven floors up brings extensive 360 city views, with a particularly good overview of Swanston Street north and south.

You can walk up the wide stone staircase of Curtin House, or wait for a lift. I highly recommend the first option as walking will showcase the hidden gems of the building. Kind of like Melbourne itself, it reveals itself on foot. There’s the outstanding Cookie Thai restaurant, bookshops dedicated to architecture and design, plus the Kung Fu academy, a record shop and a mix of independent fashion labels. 

No matter how you proceed it’s all about the rooftop and its tap beers, easy cocktails, the Rooftop Burger Shack, Summer cinema …. and the views.

Rooftop Bar is online here.

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