Maker and Monger Cheese

I’ve had a long interest in farmhouse cheese, tracing back to working with Will Studd on his award-winning book Chalk and Cheese. I learned so much about local and international cheese in that time.

Which made me really excited when Spring Street Grocer opened a dedicated cheese cave in Melbourne. It became an instant success for tastings on my food tours. That’s where I got to know founding cheesemonger Anthony Femia, who was instrumental in creating that amazing store.

Anthony has gone on to create Maker and Monger in Prahran Market which has become a sensational destination for cheese lovers. It is a must-visit food store for foodies who can’t get enough of his cheese toasties, as well as stocking up on cheese for home.

The team also offer hosted cheese tastings and workshops, event catering and workshops. There is also a selection of great recipes at the Maker and Monger website featuring cheese of course. 

Check out this outstanding Melbourne food store online at Maker and Monger.