The 14 must-visit food stores at Queen Victoria Market

We love nothing more than sharing what we know about this amazing food city with others, on our tours and online.

The Queen Victoria Market plays an essential role in Melbourne’s culinary life. It’s where thousands of people shop on a weekly basis and where visitors from around the world come to see our local food scene in action.

What they find is an amazing diversity of ingredients and fresh food that reflects Melbourne’s food cultural heritage. All nations are represented here on market days and buy at prices that won’t break the budget. Make time to visit the Queen and rediscover the awesome gastronomic choices and inspiration on offer.

Alec Watson & Son (Stall 41) – The market has many quality and valued butchers, but we often return here. There’s an old-fashioned sense of service and quality meat from their freshly made sausages to American pork spare ribs, legs of lamb and beef ribs.

Bill’s Farm (Stalls 17–18) – Bill’s Farm is a much-lauded deli and all of it well earned. The approach has always been to serve the very best in meats, cheeses, antipasti, olive oil and gourmet foods. A deli to beat them all.

The Chicken Pantry (Stalls 85–86) – The poultry selection here is second to none. Free-range rules the roost alongside top quality duck, turkey, emu, kangaroo, quail and pheasant. The eggs are excellent too.

Curds & Whey (Stalls 12–13) – This corner store offers families the opportunity to get their hands on quality cheeses without the extravagant prices. Cheddars from across Victoria are on display along with excellent salted or unsalted butter for baking and cooking.

Dianne’s Delights (Stalls 43–46) – The colourful display at Dianne’s Delights is always a pleasure to browse over. There are mascarpone filled figs, dolmades, salmon and cream cheese rolls, plus biltong, ham and salami galore. The legendary three-in-one dip is a ripper too.

The French Shop (Stalls 1–2) What a delight to have a stunning French food selection all in one beautiful stall. From cheese to dips and terrines this is one stall not to be missed.

Fresh Generation (Stall 83) – A great selection of the latest and greatest seasonal ingredients are always on hand here. Apples, pears, oranges and tomatoes alongside beautiful wild mushrooms, Mt Tran’s tomatoes, tropical fruit and fresh herbs.

Hagen’s Organic & Biodynamic Meats (Stall 16) – For the growing group of consumers who prefer to eat organic food, becoming acquainted with Hagen’s is a must. Look no further for quality organic lamb, beef, pork and poultry.

Happy Tuna (Stall 27) Many years ago this was the last remaining rabbit stall in QVM, now it’s one of the best seafood stalls with a top quality approach to what they sell. Don’t miss it.

M & G Caiafa (Shops 66–70) – The speedy service here means you’ll be on your way with a loaf of bread, dried fruit, nuts or a jar of honey in no time. Great range, quality and service all in one.

Nut Trek (Stalls 55–56) – The display here always draws us in with its super quality dried fruits, nuts, pulses and seeds. Love the muesli mixes, peanut butter and amazing honey range too.

Prosser’s Fish & Seafood (Stall 30) – Arguably one of the largest selections of fish varieties in the QVM. Always worth a look to pick up something special.

The Seafood and Oyster Spot (Stalls 28–29) – Oysters opened to order, stunning fish, great shellfish and even a selection of frozen seafood. Everything from cray tails and Moreton Bay bugs to marlin, flathead, dory and mussels. With friendly service added too, what more could you ask for!

Tomato City (Stall 7 H Shed) – This long running family business (founded in 1946) offers the most extraordinary array of tomatoes, heirloom vegetables, chillies and fresh herbs. The display changes with the seasons so there is always something new to buy and try.

Queen Victoria Market

Corner Elizabeth and Victoria streets, Melbourne
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6am–3pm; Sat 6am–4pm; Sun 9am–4pm.