An Open Letter to the Governing Bodies of Australia, From Restaurateur Rinaldo Di Stasio

As hundreds of Victorian businesses join hospitality businesses in having to shut down, the economic reality is really hitting home. Industry veteran Ronnie Di Stasio has put his thoughts into words and brought them beautifully into the light.

If we are to have any chance of a return to the vibrant, exciting Melbourne food scene our city is world-famous for, then Ronnie Di Stasio is worth reading.This is certainly not a quick off the cuff few words, not at all. Rather it’s a thoughtful, heartfelt and insightful document that I ask all of my food-loving audience to read.

As Ronnie says this letter is to stimulate conversation. To make people visualise what restaurants could look like and to make absolutely certain that there is indeed a future for the hospitality industry. What I also love about this document is he also lays out a simple five-point plan for consideration.

A plan everyone can assist with by taking a few minutes to share this with politicians and leaders.

Ronnie would appreciate letters from anyone who has suggestion to c/o Di Stasio Citta, 45 Spring Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000).

The link to the letter is here and I ask you take a few minutes to read through.

Original story via the team at Broadsheet Melbourne.