Cumulus Inc

Cumulus Inc is a restaurant I have loved dining at since it opened in 2008. It’s also one I have recommended hundreds of times to those visiting Melbourne (and food-loving locals) as it exemplifies what true Melbourne hospitality can be when done well. 

Founding chef Andrew McConnell set out to open a dining room where guests can come for a quick bite with a glass of wine, settle in for a multi-course feast or simply enjoy a coffee and pastry at any time of day. Cumulus Inc has done all of this beautifully, and continues to do so today.

Cumulus Inc is in Melbourne’s famous art and fashion precinct, Flinders Lane, in a turn of the century rag trade building. The dining room has stunning high ceilings, a classic style and an open kitchen where guests can sit and be served by the kitchen team (as can be seen by yours truly in the main photo above). 

The menu here changes and adapts with the seasons. As local produce hits it peak you can guarantee  it will be on the menu. Summer typically includes incredible tomato salads, dishes utilising asparagus are available in springtime. You get the idea. 

There are also a range of signature dishes that appear regularly. Tuna tartare, goats curd and crushed peas is one such dish. Ditto the uber famous slow roast lamb shoulder.  The long slow cooking results in the meat falling from the bone to be enjoyed with its delicious sauce. Dishes do change and evolve over time too. The grain salad for example has had many incarnations, but it’s still a must-have for me when available. 

As you can work out from these words I really admire the service and food from the Cumulus Inc team and highly recommended it as a wonderful Melbourne restaurant.

Cumulus Inc is online here.

hosted dining cumulus inc

Baked gnocchi with wild garlic puree, peas and pecorino.

Slow roast lamb shoulder with almond & roasted pepper sauce

Marinated Ortiz anchovies, croutons and herb butter.

Grain salad, toasted almonds, chopped broccoli, parsley, preserved lemon and labneh

Tuna tartare, goats curd and crushed peas