Supernormal opened on Flinders Lane in 2004, and even before they welcomed the first customer,  I knew it was going to become a favourite of mine.  And it definitely lived up to this expectation.

The reason was twofold. Supernormals predecessor was Golden Fields restaurant in St Kilda and I’d really enjoy the food there. Secondly I’d eaten at the Supernormal test kitchen and it too had dishes I’d loved.

The menu at Supernormal was inspired by the food chef Andrew McConnell had eaten in Shanghai and Hong Kong when he lived and worked there. 

“I ate Chinese food everyday and it became a significant part of my life. These are flavours I am comfortable with – I cook them at home.” Andrew McConnell

Not-to-be-missed is a long list here with outstanding oysters and raw kingfish with fermented green chilli & buttermilk from the raw bar. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy every mouthful of the prawn & chicken dumplings with chilli & vinegar. Or the famous duck bao, a twice-cooked duck leg, vinegar & plum.

Or the New England lobster roll. Or the slow-cooked Xinjiang lamb, sesame bread & coriander paste. It goes on to dessert too with the signature dish peanut butter parfait. As you can gather you’ll have to go more than once to try the best of Supernormal! 

Supernormal Restaurant is online here.

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