The Mystery Box Challenge

Mystery Box Challenge

The Mystery Box Challenge pits teams against each another in a Melbourne food experience event like no other.

On arrival participants will be divided into teams and given all the ingredients, utensils and instructions needed to step into chef’s world.

The mystery box ingredients are then revealed and the event begins!

Teams are given 15 minutes to plan their menu – they need to work with what's on hand to create a two course meal. Our chefs are on hand to provide lots of advice and ideas.

Entree and main course is then prepared by the team members – including one for the judges.

Teams also need to get to work setting their own table and showcasing their waiting skills. All of this must take place within 90 minutes.

At the end of the cooking time each team presents their dishes to the judges and explains their preparation. Then it’s time for participants to relax and enjoy the dishes prepared on the day.

Finally the judges will reveal the final scores, with prizes awarded to the winning team.

The Mystery Box Challenge is the ultimate hands-on cooking experience!


COST - $165pp - minimum 25 guests.

Price includes complete venue hire, chefs, assistants and ingredients. Plus, aprons to wear while cooking.

LOCATION - This event is held in Melbourne’s CBD and runs for approximately 3 – 4 hours.



  1800 801 838