Ten ways we can all help ......

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Ten ways we can all help ......

The recent double whammy of bushfires and the coronavirus has had a huge impact on Australian farmers, growers and producers. Gladly there have been (and continue to be) fundraisers, government support and a deep need to help from everyday Australians. Today on the radio I was listening to discussions around seafood producers and wine exporters who find there is currently no market into Asia, when they should be so busy with Lunar New Year. So I thought I’d come up with 10 ways we can all easily assist our farmers.

  1. Go for dinner at a restaurant where they buy lots of local fresh produce.
  2.  Shop at a farmers market and your dollars will go back to rural communities.
  3. Buy local wines this weekend and support the Australian industry.
  4. Visit a fresh produce market and stock up on the freshest seasonal produce.
  5. Book a trip to a Victorian town (pay for accommodation now) and dollars go to the local town.
  6. Buy great Australian cheeses this weekend from your favourite delicatessen.
  7. Organise a road trip to The Grampians, Rutherglen, Beechworth, Great Ocean Road, Gippsland.
  8. Plan lots of meals with local seafood including lobster, oysters, scallops, mussels and fish.
  9. Get out to a winery region to eat lunch and maybe a few purchases from winery cellar doors.
  10. Invite friends for dinner, cook with lots and lots of local produce and enjoy local wines.